Long tail keywords can not be ignored on how to optimize the long tail keywords

third, there must be enough original content

fourth, the chain optimization

no matter what time, the content is the most critical, is also suitable for the long tail keywords, and more important. Good content makes love Shanghai give higher scores, doing so will make love on the website of the Shanghai friendly degree is high, improve the site’s ranking.

first, find the "right" long tail keywords

in the optimization process of long tail keywords in the title, can be said to be very important, this is because it plays a key role of leader. A good title is the important factor to attract spiders, the webmaster should work hard in this area, the long tail word is generally more willing to use single "words", so the title should be coherent, accurate and brief. Here are the four important note:


is simple to understand, the long tail word is best on the left side must have a clear direction, at this point we should pay attention to, don’t mark multiple words in a question, the best situation is each article is only a long tail word, must be very clear, let people know what you want to focus on that is what. The title must control the length, the general should be less than twenty characters. The content of the title must be writing around the long tail word of the center, he can’t writing, no center.

long tail keywords to bring traffic and popularity for the website, website for some time the webmaster should be on the long tail word in the current website ranking is a great wealth, and many webmaster in the development of their website in the process of ignoring the importance of the long tail word, the author of a web site because of the long tail words do well every day to bring traffic to the site has exceeded the main keywords, here I share some of my website optimization method for long term, hope that the webmaster can pay attention to the long tail keywords.

second, long tail keywords in the title is

chain was optimized with respect to the long tail word ranking is up or down with a lot of help, here are some suggestions for reference: the title and contents must be a commonplace talk of an old scholar, made enough effort, you can also use text to optimize the spiral scheme, >

we all know, general long tail keywords in the main key words after at least dozens, if more, is hundreds of thousands is possible. In this case, how should choose the most suitable long tail word? In this point to first figure out the weight of their own website, how much do right in the index of the long tail word, it is the key, through various means first to get the keywords you need. After a long term, to go through a series of layout, and the index view clear, according to the weight of the site itself screening, which need, which is not suitable, these are the important problems of the long tail word.

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