The search engine 3 times how to send external links

three, how to ensure the survival of the forum outside the chain

fell in love with the sea out of an article about the chain of judgment that forum signature is not transmit weight, many of my friends will give up, but I believe that the forum signature can still do, at least it can be used to guide the spider, the spider to visit more, your page will have more chance to be grab, only this personal point of view, if you do not agree to abandon the.

linksThe prevalence of

, resulting in forum management is very strict, if you can not dig a hyperlink, then only the second, send text, if the text also banned, then directly give up. For can send hyperlink to the forum, some can transfer the weight, some can not transfer the weight, after the release you need to view the source code, see the link the presence or absence of NF or URL encoding forwarding exists, if the label, then quickly changed places, in the form of two is not transmit weight. For more stringent review of the forum, but can send links, it requires the use of covert means to own links hidden, can through the administrator audit. In order to maintain the survival of the post, the best hair related plate. Plain text link is easier for the readers to study. A: there are a lot of forum moderators don’t understand the Shanghai dragon, so don’t want to be the moderator of cattle, only rely on their own to common sense, the title does not matter, as long as the true doctrine. Guizaijianchi.


search engine 3 times, how to send external links. No matter how progress is the search engine, always cannot do without links, do Shanghai Longfeng, most of the time in the study of relationship between links, development of a new station, piled up on its own weight, is very slow, so most of Shanghai dragon Er all the time to dig in the brains of the chain, relying on external links to improve the weight is a shortcut. It evolved in many ways, respectively, for their own is the best technique. External links are divided into two types, one is super links, one is the pure text links, for the love of Shanghai, these two methods are effective, but the weight transfer from the point of view, the former is certainly more advantage. From the current situation, most of the way to obtain external links or from the forum. As a novice Shanghai dragon, how should go to the forum to identify their external links are effective? How to tap the forum outside of the chain in the tired, following by the www.028howbon贵族宝贝 station briefly talk about the forum outside the chain release and maintenance.

, a forum signature is to do

links are the life cycle, so your posts if no echo, an estimated two or three months later on the failure, one of which is a small factor ranking fluctuations. So, you need to publish his own post. Remember, the appropriate time to reply. Create hot >

two, released to the form of

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