Do the nine station optimization method can also dominate the rankings

took over in August of a website, the target keywords is not so difficult, anti myopia pen, the top 3 pages are 1,2 sites use the home page, love Shanghai index is only about 100, Shanghai love search volume was more than 80000, a new product out, not many people know, before no contact business, I do not know what is this product, in 2 months time, keywords and website ranking smooth up first, but last week because the new chain growth quickly, the result seems to be a few days ago, Shanghai love to pull into the sandbox, miserable ah, not ranked, can only wait for recovery.

The anchor text link

three, within the site to distribution

Two, write three

website set up

, a domain name is the first myopia pen writing all Pinyin, so in the domain name, our website has an absolute advantage, the weight of love in Shanghai early are given will be good. Another is static URL address, to the search engine friendly.

tags, title tags: pen prevention nets sell home has children health pen myopia, Lin Wen teacher anti myopia pen, the official authorized sales, absolutely genuine. Not to stack keywords, only 2 words. Very low personal feeling word of competition, no need to put so many keywords or keyword stuffing, afraid of excessive optimization.

actually took the business, I carefully analyzed: because this is a new product, the content of the website is certainly not guaranteed, so can only rely on the internal optimization and the chain to enhance the site weight and ranking. Outside chain, because the chain each website has done, forum, blog, classification of information I do, than most people write a soft Wen, and every day is a soft outside the chain, the effect is very obvious, reprint volume high. I think the most important is to affect the ranking in the station optimization, I took over the station to fight content but others, I have observed a competition website optimization internal rivals, as a whole is not doing enough, but also many of the poor, so I’m going to the layout and some details to win, here is my own website on the inside some optimization:

internal anchor text link distribution is very important, can the guiding role for spiders, adding more features to our website. Different position relative to the search engine computation value is not the same. Keywords in the web site or the content page of the anchor text links, we can highlight the importance of the keywords more favorable. The site navigation links, not only to your visitors and browsing, similar to search engine is a very important channel navigation, search engine spider crawling on the site sent in our known, so we will use navigation and other means, to build a web spider, convenient spider crawling, so that the construction of using the form of text links to web site navigation.

site structure is best tree structure, the proposed link layers not more than 3, so the user experience is good, but also conducive to spider crawling, too deep the spider climb up.

Four, the overall structure of

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