According to the experience of the new on line optimization strategy

third, website link building strategy. The new station on the line, especially within half a month I do not recommend the site will put too much effort to link the construction, the author suggested that the site be search engine included home page and the content page, especially when the inside pages included more than 50 articles this time can be considered outside the chain strategy arrangement, but early outreach this we cannot relax, remind you of the chain quality here must be outside the chain of high quality stability as the basis, a friend may be soft soft foundation in A5 station or tui18 platform soft to be included after the submission, the quality of the chain is in doubt, Gesanchaiwu soft release, are in the early stage is very conducive to the growth and accumulation of the website weight, then, may be appropriate.

second, the content of the website construction. The content of the website is based on the weight and website access to users of all ages, the author recommend the best to the high quality of the original article enrich website, content is not much, every day we can write in a fixed time period, for write to users of the industry or the original article, the high quality of the article is the first spider website the content and improve the weights of the basis, secondly, we must have the consciousness of the write industry whether it is selling a product or the service to provide users with valuable information, and guide users to buy or demand for our products to stimulate the news of interest and motivation is the key. So early in the process of constructing the content in the first to ensure the quality of web content, secondly, every fixed time period of release, not only can provide the most valuable new information for the users, and also is the foundation of crawling and website content for the website, before the option weight is undoubtedly be of great advantage.

first, the first station internal optimization strategy. At present, many of my friends are using the open source CMS system, this system is relatively started relatively fast, its optimization has been done very well, the first thing we need to do is to optimize the structure of the website column and the column name and website, including the physical and logical structure of the layout of the physical structure of the tree structure is the best all included in the directory, a directory folder, the best use of Chinese Chinese characters or Pinyin shorthand for the directory name, let the spider come when at a glance, quick to understand our directory means. In logical structure the author suggests that the breadcrumb layers layout, not only to facilitate our web spider, elegant, concise and clear to the user experience and navigation station connections is the problem we must pay attention to.

with the network marketing and website promotion of the popularization of many novice friends would like to have their own online platform, a web site is a lot of new friends and experience into the electronic commerce astepping-stone to success for the current situation of electronic commerce, the competition is very fierce, how to optimize the launch and maintenance work on the site, the author according to their own experience to share with everyone.

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