The enterprise website optimization strategy

if your neighbors do some "tiannurenyuan" and was in love with the sea K station, then, are all sites a chance to feel shy, with IP will be love Shanghai right down, I experienced such a thing, the website of Huambo automatic terminal machine network (贵族宝贝 www.wb881贵族宝贝/) is one of the typical, so deep.

4, formulate a reasonable development plan of

does not know the optimization of the enterprise stand is not more offbeat, general web site is not suitable for stack keywords, but the enterprise website seems not the same, we can confidently look at some of the top enterprises are at the bottom of the home station will be the site of the chain in the form of keywords to the home page, of course, one can, but it is not an exaggeration, the amount of

, you know?

if your site is not stable, often can not access, then the search engine to crawl your site, you will leave a bad impression, which directly affect the collection of your site and ranking.

chainThe role of

do not believe? Listen to me carefully to say.

3, may be appropriate to stack keywords

enterprise website due to its particularity, so that the optimization method is more general information has stood for, completely different from today, I will discuss with everybody together, how to make the enterprise website the best optimization scheme.

2, DNS

for the serverIn fact, most of the

DNS server are still available, but GoDaddy recently seems to have some problems, often in some strange problems, which seriously affects the website optimization and customer experience, so, if possible, but also need a good use of dns.

web space is the optimization of the foundation, not a perfect web space, all optimization is the castles in the air, at any time and will be a sound, it


5, a regular.

in the chain in Shanghai dragon, I think I do not have much to say, the earth people know! As Shanghai dragon head, outside the chain of the plan is the main work of custom feasible and efficient, we must be outside the chain of division of labor to the people, the division of labor to each platform, such as a day to how much do the chain in Shanghai love to know, which one must each day how much of the chain in the information publishing platform, which people must write the number of soft, so, can the efficiency to the chain.

1, the high quality of the space

of course, this is the light, the more serious problem we continue.

to really understand the Shanghai dragon people will know, different web sites, web site optimization methods are not the same, must in the nature of the industry specific optimization strategy, so the most suitable conditions, people should be awarded is the truth.

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