Read the love of Shanghai on the search sort of a voting model

love Shanghai search research and Development Department official blog’s article "on the web search ranking in the voting model" do not know if you have not read carefully, if you have not read, suggest that you can seriously look at, personally feel that the viewpoint of this article for us Shanghai Longfeng workers, is a more reliable deep web page ranking the research direction about many difficulties on the election ballot, each election methods have their own shortcomings, the author combined with the method of these elections, said in a web search need to pay attention to the issue of voting principle in ranking. Some feeling below carefully talk to me after reading this article.

B, the web content richness I think can from two aspects, one is of course content information, more information on the web page, generally a lot is the one and only, the original is more likely, but "rich information to the user can feel more detailed, although it may cause some fatigue sense, but if the content information site will is of special advantage, another is a variety of content, such as text, pictures, text can also be used to show the form of interlocution, interviews, stories of diversity.

D of the text, everyone is very important, as long as the white hat Shanghai dragon, we are required to do the site of the internal correlation, for a single page.

The correlation between The characteristics of

1, which is affected by the web search engine


article about search engine ranking according to N pages m features (the quality of the page and the page content richness, page hyperlinks, text relevance etc.) different scores to determine the page ranking, then this m feature is very important, the quality of the page, the page’s richness. Page hyperlink, text relevance is mentioned in the four factors, other factors do not know the first temporary matter, only look at these four factors, you will find that they are indeed very important, the four factors of Shanghai Longfeng internal optimization is we often talk about the.

A, the quality of the page in my understanding should be included in these four aspects, but there is love this piece of Shanghai R & D department will separate, so that the quality of the page may refer to one piece, such as web page code streamline, is conducive to the search engines crawl, if there is high "bid letter. But when we use this specific combination of factors should be considered comprehensively, relevance, content richness, audience, and whether to the search engine grab etc..

C, the super page chain is a very important factor in search engine page importance analysis. For example, if a page has an entrance in many other pages, so this page will get more spider crawling, included the possibility of more large, more web page, it shows the importance. From the user’s perspective, we recommend users may have the chain to help him, not only to improve the user experience, but also increase the viscosity of the internal web site.

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