Shanghai Longfeng optimization process the plug in chain integration Theme Directory

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recently included the amount of data you can see, since the beginning of August after the optimization of the amount collected by small amplitude changes before a variable rise greatly trend, and almost every day in the change.

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for a while before I put the website completely made a Shanghai Longfeng optimization, the effect is good. Although the experience theme replaced several times, frequent changes to the site title, the server encountered a number of columns and so on storm attack. The Shanghai Dragon integrated optimization mainly includes: Shanghai dragon plug-in, directory consolidation, the construction of the chain, robots files and htaccess files, search, Links etc.. After the optimization, the website included quantity increased significantly, the search engine traffic is very fast recovery. This article is mainly about the way I was on the site for full optimization. Some of the techniques below Zhu Haitao design to have dispersed in other articles, here to do a summary.

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robots.txt file will be set up for centralized station weight and reduce the invalid received and repeated collection is very important. After modification to love Shanghai Webmaster Platform check code is set correctly. The following is I now use the robots.txt file.

1, the website title and WP theme


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site title after several changes, now basically stable. The website title was Zhu Haitao changed several times, generally one can determine the theme of course is better. But for me, modify the title is the only way which must be passed, because the initial site operators ideas and great changes have happened now and. Even if it is not conducive to optimization, to make corrections, pain. Why not stop tossing the theme, because now a lot of WordPress body on the market looks very beautiful, but in fact is not friendly to the search engine, at least not many topics on the search engine optimization done. After all, most themes are free, the subject may not be a lot of effort to do all aspects of the optimization. So I chose to use the pay subject, still relatively reliable point.

2, robots.txt file

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