Shanghai dragon transformation does not mean to give up

…… My site is K, with 6.28 of that last test and reference about more than 10 medical K station of the recovery process, indistinct feeling out of something, the site was K and observation of new sites into the similar observation period is usually short just a few days, I have experienced the longest period it is about a month, but love.

content, estimated that everyone will not hesitate to say the original, I want you to walk into the original errors, the original is love Shanghai evaluation, and is not the original content is the best, in the eyes of your love Shanghai popular with users to content based on the correlation of the same ranking before what kind of content is not welcomed by the users? Love Shanghai say, we do not say, but the users themselves, namely UE, even if you are collecting station, even if you are a mirror, as long as you have the ability to gather, maintain viscosity, in other conditions under the condition of the same will ranking is better. (only theory, actual operation may not have the same conditions)

speaking of promotion, I was a rookie, the plan was shelved, not worth mentioning, the suck. Who is the target for promotion? Are people, potential users, through attracting traffic increase website viscosity, the website naturally welcomed by the users, this is a reverse thinking, the effect of Chinese do optimization, no law, how to optimize the site to see the effect, can not have the effect of further optimization. Don’t want to know how to put the egg in one basket, you

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structure, you have to say the physical and logical structure, physical structure seen from the URL law, is the file directory, URL directory level more deeper; the logical structure is the site within the chain structure, nothing mysterious. The physical structure without controversy, level less specific practices; within the chain structure to give people advice on three words: "tag cloud", do not know why to do it, I don’t understand a word of the waste slobber, do: total polymerization, by all means to provide as much entrance pages the. The inside pages of the overall ranking of good web page ranking is not too bad.

speaking of the chain, said at the end of the chain, you know, we have done the chain Commissioner bitter, now a lot of guys may also do, okay, I tell you, brothers, your bitter days are over, the chain is the grass, I made a post called the content why is king, the chain until now no one to step on, here I will say it, there had been a layman to me that Shanghai dragon is nonsense, I was angry burst, and now I was transferred to everyone, Shanghai dragon is nonsense, this sentence is the truth! Shanghai dragon has become the Internet webmaster everyone understand the knowledge, if you follow, you OUT

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