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now is not very obvious, Google fell in love with the sea love quality content. Google is more in quantity and quality of some unexpected links. So many times, some have the quality of external links to the site, not with the new site, and site title, even the words are not, indeed can rely on the quality of the external links for the keywords good ranking. But love Shanghai very much, not with the new website ranking is not stable, the title website or the content of the page is not part of the corresponding keyword, the keyword is unable to get good rankings, unless the external link is really strong.



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love Shanghai for continuing with the new website very seriously, every day with new love, Shanghai is love. While Google did not seem to care.

have different attitudes

loves Shanghai very love home, given the weight of the first page of the inside pages was high, but Google seems to all pages in the same. So in the search results, Google keyword counterparts, the inside pages of love Shanghai more than chance.

Wuhan Shanghai dragon Liu Jun would like to talk about the love of Shanghai and Google in some small details of the difference today. Some friends say their website why good rankings in Google, fell in love with the sea or not, fall in love with a good performance in the sea, Google is very bad, so I think that love Shanghai and Google Shanghai dragon big difference, even some of the company’s sales to promote their special sex in Shanghai Shanghai dragon or, they in the Google global leader such as Shanghai dragon. In fact, if you observe some Shanghai dragon doing very well, very high quality web sites, such as some portals, they are either in which the search engine’s performance is very good, the search engine returns to the user from the principle is to give users the best user experience, whether it is love Shanghai Google is like user can get useful information from the love of Shanghai and Google, with the progress of science and technology, love Shanghai and Google or other search engine algorithm getting close.

not so concerned about this thing

Google included easily, but the poor quality of the included page or website, Google will gradually eliminate, included, but Google is ranked is relatively slow, love Shanghai included difficult, but after included, are ranked cramps, may suddenly give you a very good ranking, a few days it will disappear for Google, ranking is relatively stable, love Shanghai cramp.

love love Shanghai stable website with the new Google

in Shanghai

loves Shanghai and Google to the home page and inside pages of

Google included love new website, a new page, basically the new or new page on the line, Google included, love Shanghai love new website, a new page, included a higher threshold.

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