You should wake up Shanghai Longfeng flow contribution really can not be discounted

1. search engines to get traffic

mobile Internet to intelligent mobile phone users, scenes from the limit can understand their own needs at any time.

of Shanghai dragon compared to its temperature and in the past, the current market decreased a lot, but fortunately not down to 0 degrees. The application of mobile Internet in the current heat, you basically are indeed from the mobile Internet, love Shanghai statistics of mobile terminal data have already exceeded the PC data this is a fact.



a very understand no matter what kind of Internet products are not the first two words "traffic flow" means there is a user, the user can be transformed, transformation may have profit not? That is a good Internet products such as no flow as the premise behind to talk about everything all the talk is equal to zero.

here they may say do mobile Internet does not need to get traffic through Shanghai in Shanghai dragon dragon, Yang Zi associated with a number of newly created enterprises responsible person to talk to Shanghai dragon topic, they are holding such an attitude at present the company has also taken into account to search engine optimization, but accounted for only a few operations, said you really do not know how these people think is likely to say that people really do not understand Shanghai dragon. For a new company in the absence of strong capital backing to the situation need to consider how to throttle, how to gain the maximum profit with minimum input isn’t it? In fact as long as the Shanghai dragon is to achieve the ultimate can achieve such purpose here, maybe some people will have the question below to see the source of traffic distribution of Shanghai Yang Zi the dragon source is divided into four main parts:

so many companies are doing all kinds of mobile phone app, or focus on the new media operations and ignore or don’t pay attention to Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon. I think this is a big loss to the enterprise. Get through Shanghai dragon will flow immeasurable and greatly reduce operating costs so that you don’t grasp why

through the above analysis of traffic sources we push down, when a new product comes out to do all kinds of marketing products for drainage, if taking a large number of traditional media to do cost is very high, generally believe that companies will consider the expenditure, then said the brand is more not to mention. A new product has just come out of the no brand at all, then you can in addition to web site navigation site navigation to several famous such as: "123 site navigation", "360 site navigation" advertising effect is good, the other unknown effect really is not ye. Of course, the thought of "123 good 360 site navigation and site navigation" the cost of advertising.

traffic sources

2. brand

3. site navigation traffic sources

4. traditional advertising to get traffic.

The leap development of

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