What are the benefits of exchange Links

exchange Links what benefits? How are we going to exchange Links or exchange Links what precautions? These problems have become the Shanghai dragon beginners confused. Through the exchange of Links, we can give their site visits effectively, through your Links click in user on your site, are interested in. So, Links role should not be overlooked. Google PR, a lot of people want to improve, but there is no better way, through the exchange of Links, and showed him the role.

(1) and on the website of the other side and I stand between

(2), pay attention to the other side of the web site snapshot time update frequency

1, according to the above, the exchange Links can bring 3 benefits.

(1), through the exchange of Links can bring some targeted traffic.

(3), through the exchange of Links can enhance our website value to keywords on our website ranking to around the front in the weight of the search engine, very good to improve the weight of traffic.

I suggest looking for Links as much as possible to find some related content and I stand close exchange station.

We know that

(2), through the exchange of Links can enhance our website PR value.

Love Shanghai snapshot of the old new

(3), the other site included the amount of

2, here we talk about 4 points about the exchange Links:

included the amount of low site, and even if he exchanged, nor what effect. The amount included high site, proved to have enough charm to attract spiders often, and I found spider site in his stand on the climb when.

if you exchange quality Links, get good Links website can better weight lifting. Exchange quality Links, can always give you the website to help, this is Everfount energy, with access to effective amount of this one is enough you can’t give up to you. In addition, can improve their own website pr. It can effectively increase the chain, effective to bring high weight, the snapshot of the update, the equivalent of Shanghai love on your site’s attention. A high degree of concern. You can update on your site’s content, will soon be included grab love Shanghai. Directly increase your included in the chain, it is self-evident. With the help of the chain is self-evident. The chain for the emperor, content is king, Links can help to.

website, largely affects the collected and ranking web site. Update frequency, that is to say how long each website to update a website news and product information. If the other station two or three months not update once, it take what to let search engines, not included your station and he did not return to Links effect.

can not be too low

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