Owners face more and more competitive website how to do

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for the ordinary site, we do not have the capital to compete with others too much, then we will be able to retain users. So the author suggests that the best common website set up a collection of pop-up box, when the user leaves the site will remind the user of this stick, can also bring two flow rates for many websites. For example, users love A website, but because there is no automatic collection function, the next time you want to enter the website but can not find, this is not the loss of flow? And for those who insist on leaving the site users, this does not damage the user experience.

fierce bidding words not only have 10 ranking, on the right side and 10 on the rankings, do natural ranking website has a great impact. Therefore, as a webmaster we can avoid these fierce bidding words, say the word Shanghai dragon is very fierce, so we can change a way, do the long tail word, do Shanghai dragon training, Shanghai dragon, Shanghai Dragon technology tutorial and so on words, although these words may also be bidding, but its price is relatively will be less. This site

general webmaster friends face more and more competitive sites do? The face of the trend, I have experienced so far, but also to find a solution, can be said that the auction website and not everyone can make money from the auction site, now the high cost and low conversion rate can also be seen, as long as the common website so stick to its future also worry about development.

website is one of the largest benefits compared with the auction website, that users enter the site owners do not need to pay the cost, and the bidding website? As competition increases, the price increases, a IP may be 5, 6 yuan a day, 100 IP is 500 and 600, for the many webmaster it was Alexander. Faced with this situation as an ordinary website to learn how to reduce the cost of users, allowing more users to obtain benefits, such as the same is selling products website, auction website to sell price is 1000 yuan, so our website can sell 800 yuan, because we do not have the bidding cost. Selling time can also directly to the user, we seldom go to the less intermediate links, advertising costs, and the product is genuine, so long you will be more and more users.

avoid bidding words, let the long tail flow booster website

a few years ago, many owners also mentioned the auction and now absolutely ignorant of, big and small? Key words appeared auction website, the website can be said to appear auction is inevitable, and its development trend is more active. But for ordinary webmaster bidding website also undermines their interests, because it is the search engine ranking third natural sites, it is now possible ranking is 13, the bidding website of more common website in terms of its impact is bigger.

reduce the cost of users, allowing users to get the benefits of

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