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algorithm can really grasp the relationship between words, of course, this involves the semantic analysis, do not know if there is no friend to understand the latent semantic indexing. Latent semantic indexing also had many people to study, and this study is how to find the spider through massive thesaurus relations between words, it shows that when two words or a group of words appear in the same document, these words will be considered semantically related.

for the love of Shanghai, Shanghai dragon and uppercase lowercase letters Shanghai dragon is the same, that is to say, in the "Huizhou Shanghai leaf disease optimization and optimization of" Huizhou Shanghai dragon "dragon" is no difference, then Chinese "blog" and English "blog" is also the same? From the webmaster tools good situation, so seems to imply a layer of meaning, and how real? So, Ye Jianhui will talk about some of his views of keywords.

love Shanghai spider algorithm has been in imitation of the user’s habits, which is why when the construction site to optimize the site to pay more attention to the user experience better. Even the spider algorithm has been in imitation of the user, but the algorithm and people eventually have very different places, people can understand the meaning of a keyword, the meaning of the article. People like to see "the two words that juice" refers to the fruity drink the liquid beverage, and spider? But not from perceptual to understand and judge the juice is what.



But the spider

for Huizhou Shanghai dragon blog ranking in the updated snapshot, there are pictures and the truth (but now ranking fell ah):

as mentioned above example, blog and blog two words in our writing may be often mixed use, so these two words in a large number of documents and web pages at the same time, then to a spider, it will think that this is the two words are semantically related, of course, actually it is not only a synonym, a language. This latent semantic indexing is not dependent on or limited in language >

from the chart ranking, we can find that Shanghai dragon blog this keyword ranking 15, but it is very strange that Huizhou Shanghai dragon blog for "Shanghai dragon blog" this time density is zero, the word blog is not appear on any blog blog, which is why there is the ranking? But careful found under the keyword ranking webmaster tools in the "Shanghai dragon blog" unexpectedly rosy? So, is not to say that we do in the "Shanghai dragon blog" this keyword ranking optimization, "Shanghai dragon blog" this is optimal up

.The following

in the previous update from Huizhou love Shanghai, Shanghai dragon blog ranking in such a small that share share, perhaps some friends for this early also have to understand, so they skip master ~

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