On the same page keywords ranking factors

, but as the same page, other factors are the same, even including the column page title writing is not much difference between, but the ranking is not the same, with the factor analysis of keywords for everyone here. The gift of tea set www.zuipin.cn/chaju.html to edit the original, reproduced please add this link, thank you for your cooperation.

with a website of the same page, keywords ranking will be different, such as the three column page appears on each page, their links are: ceramic tea (贵族宝贝***.cn/chaju/taocichaju.html), Yixing tea (贵族宝贝***.cn/chaju/ zishachaju.html), tea glass (贵族宝贝***.cn/chaju/bolichaju.html), the chain appears mainly in the form of YISHION link form (because the pre emphasis is placed on lifting the weight of column page), check the chain found ceramic tea to find relevant results 689, Yixing tea to find relevant results 414, tea glass to find relevant results 520, from the chain of the chain of Yixing tea is the least, from the station of content analysis, each page it is very much the same, no text support, only the relevant picture description. But the key input "tea", a ranking of the page is the tea section of the page, and a month’s time is almost so, although the ranking has declined, but this is not accidental.


then the same page of keywords ranking, in addition to the content and the chain what comparative factors influence keywords ranking? Think with the user experience or have a certain influence, Yixing tea as a hot tea now, through the television broadcast of the people or Xu a tea greatly interested, so people want to know this kind of product is increased, when the user enters the site, mainly for Yixing tea and clicks naturally higher than many other pages to come, so this page PV is higher than that of other two pages, and the bounce rate than other pages to be low thus, this page search engine to give the weights higher value.

had just contact Shanghai dragon soon, Shanghai dragon always think there are too many accidental factors, for example, to see a lot of sites seems not how, but the ranking is very good, that included and the chain of others are not more than their own, but the ranking does not own better, in my opinion the Shanghai dragon like to buy lottery tickets, luck too much; now that is not the case, in good standing must have done a good place, the most important thing is to learn data analysis.

Of course, there are many factors that affect the keywords ranking

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