Large website how to minimize the loss

first case: the website template itself there are many optimization problems, which is not conducive to the overall site optimization, to know the search engine watch is the website front, if some optimization than before, ranking nature is backwards.

will produce the ranking?The revision of the

for his revision, is the ASP program, the replacement for the PHP program, how to operate? We suggest is directly set a PHP program in the current site, then all 301 were redirected to the new column page column page. At the same time, content before it is prohibited to remove, before the ban on new basic content page program. This station will have total station data acquisition, continue to the PHP site above, is completely wrong, even if you can do 301, still not suitable! Do you know

for large sites, traffic is beginning to 000 any website, but not because of the need of business, or system upgrades, and had to be revised on the site. How to let the website revision is not a loss, or to minimize the loss? Especially for large-scale web site, is a prudent and serious problem. This article, He Guijiang here do some typical revision guide.


is a form of revision, is the same type of language, which will cause the directory structure of a number of conflicts and cannot avoid, how to operate it? Can the old site be a new subdomain, after 301 can be! This loss relatively, also is the largest, well even Webmaster Platform >

: a replacement template revision

two: the replacement program revision

second: the problems in the chain layout, simply say: a page ranking is because the station gave the chain weight enough for it, but in the new template, this weight disappeared, then

has some website construction time very early, some time ago there is a website to do Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis, site is more than 10 years old, but still the most basic ASP, even is the dynamic link, the system function is also very weak, basically do not support the different column headings. So, in Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis at the same time, also need to do a replacement program revision (his website about 300000).

website, replacing the template is one of the most common belongs to the revision, the revision according to the normal situation is that there is no risk, but there are still some website problems, then what is the situation?

replacement template is the most simple, but for large web template is more complex, the greater the risk is, the template of Shanghai Longfeng treatment is not perfect, please don’t put it into the program, once put up, don’t be changed! In addition, replacement after the template, but also for the 404 the monitoring, can love Shanghai webmaster tools, or to view the LOG log.

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