Shanghai dragon Er to make the best use of statistical tools to improve the conversion rate

in the optimization of a medical website, the medical industry websites have some own views, share, and we exchange, not Kuaizai! In website optimization, our goal is often as much as possible to get more traffic, but for the medical industry, traffic is not the first, the conversion rate is king. Many people think that Shanghai dragon Er just do rankings, get more traffic on the OK, in fact, a good overall situation of ER in Shanghai Longfeng do to control at the same time, should also be on the site every detail parameter at.

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2], respondents analysis. Through the analysis of the respondents can clearly know the site where visitors visit a page, stay on the site, how long the bounce rate and access depth, out of what is the reason of the key things and so on. Visitors visit a website, tend to find he is most interested in the page, through the analysis, we can know which pages are valuable to him, the statistics of many, has formed a scientific and rigorous formal report, this report will be on the site of future development direction.

, we can get a detailed comprehensive website visitor analysis report, an antidote against the disease to improve the conversion point the day and await for it. In a word, a successful website is perfect in all aspects of the need with it, I was a beginner, welcome exchange. This article from the original 贵族宝贝bbs.imuyang贵族宝贝/ station, please indicate.

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3] and retain users. At present, the most common medical websites retain users means business, I have always thought that the role of big business, through the business, we can learn more about each visitor, make report and summary. But I always feel that this is the user experience is taboo, at least I have seen business website, more will affect the user experience, so there can be a compromise method not only to retain the user and will not cause harm to the user experience? This, each one of our Shanghai dragon Er thinking.

1], visitor source analysis. Through the analysis of the source of visitors, visitors can know through what channels come to your website, such as a visitor to the long tail keywords "where Zhengzhou treatment of insomnia" come, You’ll see. the visitor’s motivation and demand. In addition, the source also know which platform the most, the best you can do for this platform promotion.

I think, in order to improve the conversion rate, we must be able to make skilled use of statistical tools to do the following.

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