Pet website optimization in the end decide on what path to follow

why did he come to this conclusion? He gave me the reasons are as follows: first, the existence of a pet is belong to the market segments, so when the material is difficult to obtain, as we all know, when the material more, write an article much easier, but if the material is relatively small. How to write a good article, the difficulty is really not small.

to tell the truth I agree less material doesn’t write well, but I have been in deep love and love Shanghai Shanghai Post Bar know, as I understand it can obtain the material is considerable, in addition to the pet QQ group is also a good source of acquiring material.

statements are not what they say, but in communication with them, everyone can always find enough to convince myself a reason to give up, as a new field of the same into the pet owners, I also occasionally had the same doubts, I also do not want to give up the truth. Now, do not really a bit difficult, but each have decided to give up in the moment, I was always reluctant, why others can do things I can’t do it, I and others where is the gap between? Is this a unyielding effort has been urging me to exploration in this field. >

website will keep users? He gave me a reason: the first new, less content, lack of good original theme to attract users; second, he is a layman, it is difficult to organize a pet theme activities. "

Webmaster: Ding social marketing is easy to see the results, relatively through the website construction to enter the pet market is too slow, as WeChat, micro-blog and other fast, good effect.

recently, with the pet supplies market is hot, many individual owners have poured into the pet website, however, many people rushed in, and there are a lot of people left in a hurry, I focus on some new year and my pet site, still insist on the pet site is almost no.

so, difficult pet website construction in where? Why do we do will insist on not down? I was brought to the several webmaster curiosity, below I simply describe the communication with them:

webmaster do for a long time, traffic has not been stable, there is no power to do so.

in the money society, if a long time not to see the profit, people will gradually become desperate, but personally think that before or the webmaster in this site or do not well prepared.

this is really difficult, my website is currently facing this situation.

webmaster website B: keep the user



Although my C:

to tell you the truth, for the answer, I began to doubt.


webmaster A: original content of higher degree

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