Shanghai dragon Er soft writing mentality easy to win a good ranking

we do Shanghai dragon is our occupation, we love it, so we are trying to learn, pay. Because it makes you feel happy and happiness. Make your life more fulfilling, your motivation is more vigorous. So don’t let any emotions hinder you happen. To achieve peace and calm. I believe, You reap what you sow. Why do you say so? We all know that the search engine ranking, not artificial, he is the program. The same. Not every hour and moment fair, but in >

We must

why? Then according to some experience of writing today I heard the lecture, write about Shanghai Longfeng soft writing problems. My sole purpose is to let more people know the fact that the site optimization is very simple. Let Shanghai website production attracting network and we carefully explain something, and I hope you can see this article in accordance with your experience to comprehensive analysis, finally get your own a real Shanghai Longfeng optimization method. The road to let you go more smoothly, more happy month.


think this is a very natural title. I am very honored to hear professor Guo Chi’s lecture "project to enhance the competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises" feeling very deep. All of a sudden I think we are numerous in various industries post struggling webmaster, they are worthy of recognition, at the same time they to Shanghai dragon optimization to keep learning every day, hard, one day after the talent shows itself.

, many webmaster, all is the love of Shanghai dragon, are very smart doers. But why there are so many Er Shanghai Longfeng painstaking efforts, but did not see any effect? Many times, want to, for that is not for the web page ranking, take on the time to do the optimization, far more than the sum of their sleep and entertainment time. Don’t question. This is no exaggeration. I come to a conclusion through careful investigation of the practice of certification. Analysis, Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou more honest do Shanghai dragon Er release the soft, some information of the chain. Of course, the machine and other non formal means in which. 80 percent of people are at the A5 station network, such as the well-known contributor iResearch website, is afraid of being ready for some online plagiarism people, put their own articles to copy issued. In fact, in my opinion, it should not be like this. You know, belong to you, no matter when and where to contribute, no matter how you copied and tampered with, or. You know, a decent man, along the way, God will always be sentimentally attached to you. In the future of the road, you will be the Everything is going smoothly. You should also be happy, your article is such a man for himself, that is your strength to be sure, there are so many people appreciate your work, this is what depressed and angry? You usually you write many articles about Shanghai dragon, all how should we tell how to do, so why at this time you can not deal with things that happen to us in the

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