Shanghai tourism website optimization dragon five best quality chain platform

soft contributeCan we speak in the forum is the most easy and common phenomenon in

many people often ask me how to fast free web site keywords optimization to love Shanghai home? Tell you that is not possible, which have the good things that happen? So when you have to think of a way, you can buy some appropriate links. Appropriate ah, can not buy, we do not have so much money. The first purchase of less than 1-3 can be, is a single chain; second is the link is rarely sold, very pure website; third website every day to keep the updated state; the number of fourth to buy the site is very small, basically no; fifth buy website type casually, don’t think I’m doing Shanghai dragon, I is to buy the Shanghai dragon, is not the necessary; if a certain time to buy sixth years or longer, after the remove link must slowly exit, don’t immediately give up.

three, the appropriate links to purchase

before, but has now emerged, soft is the easiest and most commonly, if your soft skills no, this time we need to charge. Soft Wen contribute currently still have the effect, take the A5, reprint rate is the highest, natural chain caused by the quality is also very good. Note that we do Shanghai Longfeng area, you can write directly related content submission A5. But the optimization of industry and the Shanghai dragon does not have any relationship, the related optimization must be written to optimize the product website content, according to the web site optimization to Shanghai dragon knowledge chain has best effect.

, the most common

four, the high weight of the blog

development program template

Now the Two,

blog the chain effect is still a little. The first collection of blog, this is in the affirmative, then this blog is right important high, search engines crawl web content very frequently, blog is very regular, high concentration of original content. Every day a blog outside the chain, to send in different blogging platform, ensure >

a lot of friends every day, looking for the chain platform, but they really don’t want to know about. You need to know that the easy thing, often is not high value, such as forum, post, return to a post is a very simple thing, but no effect, no use ah. In fact, many of my friends have special skill, will get a small plug-in development program. This is very good, for example, the website NeoEase is the author of Wu Zhao, this is his blog. He is now the Alibaba international station front-end development engineer. He developed the WordPress program called "MG12", you can see his template a lot of WordPress, such as stone interaction with this. Look at his personal blog PR is 7, so a personal blog can be PR to 7, quite powerful, programmers have you found it?

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