How do the article released from Shanghai Dragon

!In fact, ! !1, modify the source code 6,

the label. This is also very important, why, because there are a lot of websites will put the label directly as the keywords of the page, what is the key word, I will not say

friends will say, not just one type of edit box, I do such a long time did not see it on the website of the Shanghai dragon and what role

code, also do not know how to engage in Shanghai Longfeng, they simply think it is difficult to do in Shanghai Longfeng, almost inaccessible. In fact, want to learn Shanghai dragon money, learning code is a part, another part is that we should learn to make good use of any part of the site.

, a small edit box contains a lot of knowledge, Shanghai dragon do not believe, you see

format. This is one of our most common elements in a web page. Such as h1-h6 tags, we will be in a web page with different titles of different importance, you can use this element, a search engine will also identify.

article introduction: the general site will support this function, sometimes.

2, you can add pictures, edit the image size, increase the ALT attribute to the picture (what is the ALT attribute I do not speak), beneficial to the search engines to crawl on the picture.

the above six points is our most common edit box, in addition, some sites will be open to different users in different functions.

. We can switch the edit box source code form (code for playing friends), according to you the effect you want to add arbitrary attributes in the edit box.

as the original source, you can add links to articles, such as I often put their articles for submission, submission when I usually leave my blog address.

4, to increase the list of tags, which mainly used in layout, although the search engine recognition layout of the site content is not good enough at present, but also a good user experience.


5, insert a hyperlink and anchor text. This is two different things, we do not make a mistake. The editor of the two tools in the box, can increase the page link, the page quick navigation, such as we are usually do to the site within the chain, is the use of these two tools.

I teach everyone to learn Shanghai Longfeng, generally is told by some of the details, because the details determine success or failure, so this article from my website edit box to talk about how to keep you from the release of the article. Do website of Shanghai dragon.

give you a picture:

3, bold, tilt, underline these attributes, search engines will be given some attention, but you don’t mess with, so as not to affect the readability of the web page.

Many beginners do not know

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