Analysis of medical industry optimization strategy of andrology hospital


update and then this love Shanghai, between some of the many old station, one night, ranking all fall out. The next day as usual snapshot update, the article is also included. I analyze to the official site of Chengdu Eurasian andrology hospital for all above:

after this situation from August 25th until today, here I want to say is not just Chengdu Eurasian male hospital’s official website is the case, let us look at how the other male hospital website, again on a map:

is more than the puppet some simple analysis, do not need to talk about the problem of ranking. Many webmaster friends should also change the optimization strategy, especially as the optimization of medical industry.

A story about love Shanghai August 25th algorithm to adjust the write a few days before

. First of all, love Shanghai this algorithm is certainly not perfect, the author took "Chengdu Eurasian andrology hospital" this keyword recently every day at different times through the observation of many love Shanghai search page ranking changes. One day in the rankings change is impermanent, there is no law at all, ranking changes at any time, ranking a day can be adjusted many times, more exaggerated, hundreds of meters away the page can quickly row to the first page, and then return to the hundreds of meters away. You say we can control? Therefore, we do not worry too much. The mentality is very heavy.

From the above we can see

we should take what strategy


this figure from Chengdu Eurasian andrology hospital, we can clearly see that the snapshot is very new, the article also included, but there was no weight, keywords ranking all finished off.

, after almost too fast for 10 days. This time I carefully observed a lot, mainly to do the analysis in Chengdu andrology hospital website. Below I talk about some of my views.

we can clearly see the love of Shanghai the algorithm of adjustment from these aspects, and we in the actual search keywords ranking, after the discovery of this change, the weight of love given Shanghai some door apartment layout comprehensive website is greatly increased, and even an article key words in the core also ranked in the home, the number of sites to leave behind.

, the above site snapshot is September 4th, also included very much, almost all the hospitals have official website weight is 1, no rank, not affected by all but instead is the comprehensive website.

since this time, the webmaster should have the heart, love Shanghai than the June 28th adjustment update. This is certainly more serious. Not only because of the K station, the ranking of the change is very big. The past love Shanghai update, right down or, in general, the new station is affected by relatively large, old stations generally have little effect, even if there are changes, will not be too big.


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