From the country’s 20 largest city of Shanghai Longfeng Shanghai Longfeng industry competition


just a few years in the Shanghai dragon from the strange to the familiar, study staff from Shanghai Longfeng hundreds to hundreds of thousands to millions, the current will increase along with the enterprise website of Shanghai dragon industry staff are also growing rapidly, so looking for a new way to the Shanghai dragon has become the primary topic today, today’s Shanghai dragon the website too much even more than some of the products in the industry website.

area, population factors

more than three points, should be the main reason for Wuhan Zhengzhou, Shanghai dragon fierce competition.

A few days ago I heard


this paper comes from the Wuhan Shanghai dragon, the original.

visible from above, Wuhan Shanghai dragon love Shanghai index is the highest, completely beyond my imagination in Beijing, Shanghai and other first-tier cities. According to the red KR value (representing the keywords competition degree) roughly divides the city of Shanghai Longfeng District three, the first Shanghai Longfeng District: Wuhan and Zhengzhou Shanghai Longfeng District: Shanghai, Beijing, second, Hangzhou, Guangzhou, Chongqing, Shanghai Changsha Longfeng District third: the rest of the city. Why is there such a situation, through the analysis, the author believe that the following main points:

of the two city is the central city, all domestic policy is know, let some people get rich, the rich coastal city of the people, and then engage in a large-scale development of the western region, the western people are on the road to riches in the middle, then left, you should know it. The people of Zhengzhou, Wuhan students, since the study of Shanghai dragon can make money, why not learn it, not to mention the Shanghai dragon entry is very simple.


. The early stages of development of Shanghai dragon

then again, now is the era of the Internet, now young people that don’t get to the Internet, the enterprise website, no network, since this is the future we also represent the general trend, not to worry about what, at least we have been walking in the forefront of the times, if you do well, you may be the next the Internet version of Bill Gates.

this is a necessary condition, Shanghai dragon has been in existence for more than 10 years in foreign countries, but in China only a few years time, there is no one is perfect, is the integration of the system, more and more people to come to Shanghai to fill the ranks of the dragon.

two. Shanghai dragon’s low barrier to entry


Wuhan Shanghai dragon fierce competition, quite not letter, then the author analyzes the 20 big city of Shanghai dragon data report (up to 2011-05-05) survey.

this is a necessary condition, I want to say Shanghai, this theory, went to school and didn’t go to school to learn all the same, there is not a lot of very advanced technology, which provides the conditions for more and more people.

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