Don’t believe it will mislead you in Shanghai Longfeng future

Oh, do not know to write, but write the final, regardless of the consequence. Write his own thoughts, writing ideas, no matter Tucao or oppose it. Or to write, if you want to see a friend to see, do not want to see you can turn off the first, long winded here, then cut into the topic.



what is the Shanghai dragon? I think a lot of people joke, you this is not nonsense? Yes today to nonsense, I do Shanghai dragon has been 5 years. The site also no less than 100, is the time to make my feeling is quite deep, let me understand what is Shanghai dragon.

so I think, fuck, you learn a variety of skills is not a Shanghai dragon P, which training the teacher, as well as those of Shanghai Longfeng master written books is not cheating. The result is not found, the knowledge is useful, but why there is no effect? I think it is not a search engine like lottery? Feeling good, you luck to your stand up smoking, bad luck, you do futile

I think I said these words, there are definitely a lot of grassroots agree with my point of view, because before, I chatted with a webmaster, the webmaster has complained to me, my site articles are original, and the text is done for the user, rather than search engine results. You know. Even more wonderful, now a lot of the acquisition station the effect is really outrageous, especially recently more sensational pan analytical. Pit down ah, because of high weight, pan analytical even a single web page also gives to this ranking, hard grassroots webmaster too much to handle? (but the pan analytical currently only appeared in the grey words more)


summary: personal webmaster > Shanghai not too superstitious

this is a worth thinking about things, I began to think that the same station at the starting line, why so unfair, why some stations began to love Shanghai ranking, some in no ranking, some stations are not included. This is such a thing, want to think or think impassability, so I went on the website of others, the enterprise website word from all walks of life. Some sites found no how to optimize. The articles are collected but there is some standing ranking, the intention is to update the article, very carefully to the original, but the results were scored at the bottom of the hell.

remember some time ago I wrote an article called "Shanghai dragon" such as cooking is worth pondering my Shanghai dragon compared to cooking, make tea. Why do you say, let me give you an example, I make a dozens of stations this year, each station is enterprise template to do, the theme is different, the same is the site keywords, PHP source enterprise. After a period of time, found some words began ranking, some words are still outside the top 100. I wonder why the same from my hand, do at the same time there are some websites ranking some but not ranked

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