3SB war observation the bigwigs of dragon and tiger will only hurt the user


in fact, this war is a life story. Grassroots enthusiasm to achieve their 360 years of oppression against the dream there is a hint, but from the beginning has been doomed to end this war. So, the real tragedy characters instead of several chiefs, is precisely the grassroots webmaster. The real meaning of war is not the impact of the Internet industry reform, only a few chiefs to jostling for a dragon and tiger.

, 3SB on the 2012 year war can best Internet popular event list.

3SB and the 3Q war war is exactly the same, if you choose the fans stand, would you go? This is absolutely the most fire the most popular choice. Some people say that Zhou Honghui is the Internet scum, born to be a showstopper. Can stop and think about it, if not him, who invited us to see a brilliant commercial rivalry as drama? Some people say that Robin Li is not over, the two have ten years of resentment, not completely defeated, but also let the opponent is very domineering a stirring among the dry bones. The most interesting is that the love of Shanghai, SOSO, Sogou, the relationship between the 360 product was a well-known IT dubbed occurred between a young boy and three widows have to say the story is really make people laugh after deep thinking.

first, 360 search engines quietly on the line, do it quietly. But it really did have 628 quietly, before the event, then webmaster counterattack, then the 823 event, I do not know whether it takes into thirty-six meter 360, anyway, search out a villainous attack path. A few days later, Sogou issued media as the 360 search official accusation, support like hitting 360 search, penned by the head of Wang Xiaochuan personally explain: 360 search to seize market share overnight pushed off Sogou is only temporary, the real rival Sogou still love Shanghai, 360 search amount not worth mentioning. Just like a hypocrite. Then the story continues: love Shanghai counterattack, price confrontation; on-line 360 search crawl and bidding system; the love Shanghai love Shanghai know products such as jump blockade 360 flow; 360 issued a media statement; love Shanghai engineers use technical means of fishing test to 360 search into the vortex of legal disputes…… The story of the ups and downs is not less than a thrilling.

look at their battle process, the whole story is clearly visible.

but again, the current Internet is like a pool of stagnant water mud is deep, if not up, who do not know the depth to life only clay Buddha across the river. Even if people beat the tooth to fall to the ground, or black, also have to say that peizhexiaolian playing well, is the introspection. This is the current situation of the grassroots webmaster, is also the industry the tragedy. So, 360 pick things, many people like to see the Savior, looking forward to rescue their god.

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