The report said the mobile traffic growth caused by the noble baby pay per click decline

Beijing on October 22nd news, Adobe in the third quarter of the Internet advertising data in the latest report pointed out that mobile traffic growth leads to the noble baby pay per click (CPC) prices fell, and in the social market, noble baby also faces challenges.

Adobe is expected, Facebook will continue to strengthen brand interaction in the fourth quarter, and the company search spending market in Europe than in the same period last year increased by 15% to 20%. In addition, Facebook from the field of mobile traffic will also increase steadily, which 1/5 paid search click from the tablet computer or smart mobile phone users.

Adobe pointed out that the mobile search traffic to usher in the explosive growth of the mobile operating system of the commercial conversion rate is paid more and more attention. From the data, the apple iOS in the commercial conversion rate is two times the noble baby Android, noble baby must quickly find a way to improve the conversion rate of Android commercial. In addition, in the social field, Facebook (brand engagement) brand participation increased by 896% over the previous year, which will bring pressure to the noble baby advertising business.

Adobe data shows that, in the third quarter, the United States, Britain and Germany market search advertising flow to maintain the stable growth, but because of the Internet more and more consumers through intelligent mobile phone, tablet computer, mobile traffic so substantial growth, and CPC prices continue to decline. In the third quarter, the price of noble baby CPC over the same period last year fell by about 10%.

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Adobe report shows that in all Facebook interactive projects, such as Likes, comment and share, from the mobile network traffic accounted for nearly 1/4, which means that the mobile market is ushered in a period of rapid growth. Adobe also pointed out that the current Facebook can not solve the problem how to profit from mobile users.

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