Website optimization and promotion compared to what advantage

third, website optimization good website ranking allows users to understand the first enterprise in the industry product advantage, highlight the product / service highlights, "first impression" theory will make your product / service priority to become accepted by users of information, and become the reference to the contrast.

According to the latest

, the first good keywords ranking can make users more convenient and fast to find the enterprise, understand business website user driven products / services, and make money online through the website.

second ranking, bring traffic to the site through the good keywords, drive enterprise website brand popularity, expand to online publicity.

algorithm, to optimize keywords to the home page, we must start from the user experience degrees. The key lies in the station optimization, to fit the needs of users, users can solve the problem, and also has a professional, so as to allow users to feel needed to get content from the site. Understand the keyword optimization method generally, do you think the price promotion effect to more direct, more obvious? The following is about the difference between website optimization and promotion of their respective advantages and bidding.

has no promotion website, everything is zero. Many enterprises in the production site is completed, always say no, no visitors. Just ask, your web site does not do any promotion, optimization, who will search your site, who can see your website on the Internet? So whether you choose SEM or promotion, website optimization, only the promotion to enhance the site’s exposure. Then, the keyword ranking is how to optimize?

in website optimization, the user experience is the key to completely follow the user experience but also can improve the search engine friendly to your site. The relative SEM promotion effect of this method is to slow down, but the high quality enterprise website itself. Compared with the natural ranking optimization for promotion, price should be higher, although there is no immediate effect, but can be enduring. Keywords natural ranking optimization when entering the home, unless the site itself is attacked, the search engine algorithm changes, or simply website ranking will not be affected, nor have the time, the economy and other issues lead to ranking disappear.

website optimization is occupies a large proportion in the search engine, the main reason is the optimization methods, its price is higher than other forms of the display effect is more obvious. One more reason is that we recognized up to 630 million users, such a huge user data is any enterprise can not be underestimated. So, what is the meaning of keywords ranking on the site?

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