The Shanghai dragon Er novice how to solve three kinds of dilemma keywords ranking

encountered this problem is the most troublesome problem, you need to strengthen the construction of the chain and the chain. In short to do your Links exchange, to the more high quality of the chain. There are plans to increase the chain you believe, keywords ranking stable point the day and await for it.

of a website in the US, we are often unable to solve their encounter many problems, we need to analyze their own this site in the end what is the problem, a problem when we how to solve. Now when we do the Shanghai dragon will meet what makes us easy to give up several problems.

, a long time optimization keywords not ascension does not decline in the

in a fixed position Keywords

this problem must be a lot of new Adsense tangled problem. For the love of Shanghai suddenly come to a big face, when you smile to be yesterday. In this case we take you insist, insist every day of the original article, the number of every day to update the chain. I believe that soon Baidu will smile to you. In a word, in this case, calm.

three, in a big update in the love of Shanghai fell to the ground from the sky, it is very difficult to rise up

two, the optimization is always with you ", that is neither friendly nor aloof keywords ranking" unstable

with more and more people join the Shanghai dragon industry, Shanghai dragon industry also will flourish. Along with the prosperity is a series of problems, is the webmaster technology uneven. Many people think that Shanghai is quite simple to modify the Dragon code, send a few articles, for a few Links can fix the problem. Shanghai dragon really so simple? If so simple, that companies need to hire a marketing staff in Shanghai Longfeng? In short, Shanghai dragon did not imagine that simple. How to modify the code, can improve the keywords ranking; the article should be how to write, how to embed key words, type a few words, how embedded keywords does not affect the readability of the article; for Links, a website that can change the number of links, how to choose the key word links should be, and what kind of site exchange etc. these problems are; we need to delve into their own. Especially just entering the Shanghai dragon industry novice, how to learn what to write; what should be like attitude to learning; in the Shanghai dragon practice should be how to solve.

this problem should be a lot of dolls will meet, but do not know how to solve. In the encounter this problem is "basic problem" in general the basic problem refers to the space problem, which is the site of coding problems. If it is good for the space problem solved, another space is. If the code is a problem, you give advice as soon as possible. This website will go over very hurt yourself. Where are you any time and again, she is neither fast nor slow. So the site to lay the foundation. You will have a preliminary optimization of security.

Keywords When do the actual operation

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