Through the love of Shanghai encyclopedia audit really there is no shortcut

second, to find a name on his website.


贵族宝贝fzfcyy贵族宝贝 Fuzhou: modern obstetrics and gynecology hospital please keep the link. Thank you

sixth, regardless of the success or not, repeat one or five unremittingly.

fifth B, did not pass the audit, continue to complain.

third, create entries.

must find the pure sense of the noun, not a verb object structure, noun combinations. Noun to choose a relatively popular, such as I do the hospital website, I do hospital equipment, doctors, authoritative technology and so on, many of these words are not create entries.

if you complain failure is very likely that you layout is not good, not the content of what. It will be easier, you can say it according to the modification, then complaints, this time the focus has shifted from advertising. Even if the pass, you also continue to complain, because the entries are not the same person has been in the audit. Or if the advertising information, so I think can give up the word. In my experience, the first time the highest success rate of complaints.

first, register a new account of love Shanghai.

At The original

The term

why choose to create entries, rather than modify entries. First create the term than existing entry through the audit easier, whether with or without your link. And create entries can play by their own arbitrary combination of science, but also not cobbled together. The basic elements to create entries must be defined (entry: hundreds of words can be related) development, entry (Shanghai dragon can also be understood as a long term, can expand the one or two entry picture (picture), is the priority among priorities, the operation to be good, prepare in advance and appear in you website). Then in the picture reference fill in your picture location address. Submit.

fifth A, congratulations to you through the audit.

you add there is definitely a suspicion of advertising, you will notice it is not through slowly. After receipt of the notification, you love Shanghai complaints, complaints you write "where the ads help me please" or "not to fill out the reference picture? How to say I was advertising information?" such questions can be. After complaints, then you still need to wait.

love Shanghai account is really not much grade requirements, not necessarily high is likely to succeed, not just for the success.

site outside the chain for many people, how to do outside the chain of high quality is a problem. Love Shanghai related products and higher weight, as everyone knows the love of Shanghai is also one of the best. How to improve the pass rate of the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love? I am willing to share my practice today. The following into the subject:

fourth, love Shanghai complaints.

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