How to further enhance the Shanghai dragon skills

real Shanghai Longfeng work is definitely not a simple chain, update the article, need to learn the code, optimization of structure, also is in the station optimization. Shanghai dragon skills.

, its mysterious veil was completely opened. With more and more people into the Shanghai dragon in this line, so there is a lot of competition in this industry, ordinary or primary Shanghai dragon but have high skills to meet the eye everywhere, Shanghai dragon is less and less. Below I from the lottery website optimization experience and share, how to enhance their skills so that you have the Shanghai dragon, the competitive advantage in the industry.

More workers are now engaged in Shanghai dragon

3, the website structure optimization

just enter Shanghai dragon industry in the first half of some of the basic skills, you can master the Shanghai dragon. Take myself, just graduated from the University in Shanghai Longfeng industry in the first half of time on this line, Shanghai Longfeng have basic understanding. I was engaged in the optimization of purchasing lottery website, the main direction of the study are: 1) has just started to learn how to judge a site quality; 2) understand some basic parameters of Shanghai Longfeng or terms, such as weight, website, love Shanghai snapshots and so on; 3) learning distribution chain; 4) website the update. In the optimization of purchasing lottery system 贵族宝贝 site, every job is to link promotion, content updates. Then slowly add some of the website data analysis work. To understand the above just can only say that you have a basic understanding of Shanghai dragon. If you want from the Shanghai dragon in this industry have big breakthrough, then the next thing I said is the key to think about:

1, from the thought to improve their

analysis of Shanghai Longfeng data is a very important work, without the support of these data, Shanghai dragon can’t start working. Shanghai dragon to enhance their skills, learn to analyze data is an important index. The analysis of the data, you can know how to optimize the effect of this period of time, which is the lack of optimization method. I like in the optimization of purchasing lottery system site, from the data analysis, we can see that is natural search traffic dropped or external drainage decreased; residence time can be seen from the web page production which is not good, affecting the user experience and so on. Optimization method of adjustment to learn from the results of data analysis in.

said here is not to let you thought the meaning of dream, is to see the Shanghai dragon work from a higher level. I like before purchasing lottery system is mainly to update some articles, do the chain, how to judge the effect of a few. Really want to upgrade their Shanghai dragon skills, we will change ourselves from the thought, to do anything is the ultimate goal, to learn from the results to reflect on their work. Do not update the article is simple, the release of the chain, need to pay close attention to search engine algorithms adjustment, attention to changes in the industry, changes in the market.


2, in-depth analysis of

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