Love Shanghai Google snapshot does not display the title and description reason analysis

Hefei Shanghai dragon think there are two reasons to love Shanghai, Google does not display the title and Description:

today, a friend asked me a new website before this day Shanghai new line and Google are included, but through the site:www.***贵族宝贝 website although we found love Shanghai Google are included in the search results page, but the page site title and description that are incomplete, the website snapshot cannot preview, Google snapshots are not behind. This is what causes?

2. tag Title Extraction may be due to abnormal failure leads to the site design or system, search engines can only extract some text from other places as the title.


1. line before the site in the robots.txt file provided from all search engines included in the website, but these pages may still appear in Shanghai love search results, but the content on your page will not be built into the index, capture and display, display with sea search results only to other sites your web page description. Robots lift the ban grab, take some time to take effect.


source: Hefei Shanghai dragon blog www.120le贵族宝贝, reproduced please keep this information.

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