How to improve the search engine ranking tips of internal organs heart first

in my last article "website indexed by search engines and to quickly and work", a simple summary of our website to do the most basic Shanghai dragon should have qualifications. Through this program, I will together with you from different levels of external work skills, in-depth exploration of this area. This article from the "internal organs heart first, the connotation of" speaking of the website.

website is a service provider, and the viewer is the service user. At that moment the browsing through the Internet connection on a website, a contract is formed: the website will do its utmost to provide the required reading, and readers can choose freely in the website within the scope of the required information. This agreement is very loose, both sides do not need to bear the cost of the end of the contract. So in this low constraint contract, how to keep the site to extend this contract depends on the willingness of users to reside in the website provides the service. The web service is a special form of machine – people, we cannot take the optimization means of traditional service industries for each user, such as smiling service, by asking the user’s specific needs. However, for the analysis of user needs even in the machine human model, and we absolutely can not be ignored.

website content? Science is defined as the sum of the nature reflected in 1, a concept of things, that is the content of the concept. The popular saying is: 2, the inherent virtue refers to people or things of the inherent virtue or quality. (from the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love). As for the website, what is its connotation? First, the website is a service that it provides to all visitors specific services, including providing specific information. This service can be text, pictures, application, flash and so on, connotation and website for users of the service quality level of the site is also shown.

so what website content can be optimized in order to improve us, to provide more attentive service for the readers? In order to achieve our ultimate goal, will attract users on our website. This attraction old user bound on our website, we call the attractive factor. The website attracts roughly every kind of factor, but can be summarized as the content of the website and network hardware, information localization difficulty, organization structure, auxiliary system and the interference factors to analyze chunks. Because of various types of wave, Stoudemire unable to analysis, so here we choose is very popular, very popular fiction website for example analysis. A lot of people have seen the novel website, we see the novel estimation is not a day for two days? Is read countless station. Then we start to look at this question from a user’s point of view: what attracted you to the novel website and persevere, uninterrupted access to the number of years. There must be something to attract a large number of popular literature lovers – that is, their needs have been met. However, if we carefully analyze, why many readers like.

What is called the Here the

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