How to give a new effective optimization 2

8. chain propaganda. In the station on the line, the webmaster will think of is for friends of the chain, the chain to the site to bring traffic to the site, bring the chain. Best friend chain is one-way link, I ixwebhosting Chinese station (贵族宝贝cn.ixwebhosting贵族宝贝) of the friends of the chain are basically single chain, they told me, I don’t chain them, so as to improve the weights of the site, improve the PR value, but this link is generally hard to find, unless your site right high. Looking for friends of the chain when there is need to pay attention, PR high, a snapshot of the new, included, site stability, Alexa ranking good points, looking for friends of the chain, should put the mentality, looking for high quality, we prefer quality to quantity.

6. network publicity. A method of Web site, and is now better, find your website content is included, the collection can be put into the collection, content optimization, as is the main content of the article, the title should be brief and clear, attractive, classification to try to write more, but if the content and related also, the appropriate increase keyword density, which is conducive to search engine included.

new online, the webmaster hopes the station can quickly be included in search engines, increase the chain to their station, to optimize your web site keywords optimization, content construction, in order to be able to keep your station can have a good ranking in the search engine. For a new, effective optimization method, or a lot, a few days ago already said effective optimization how to give new sites, and we talk about how to continue today, other methods of effective optimization to the railway station.

7.QQ group propaganda. QQ group of publicity, brought to the site is the increase of the popularity and sales of products. In the QQ group, you can use the mail promotion group, group of mail is like a virus like spread in the non-stop, but now many webmaster see in the busy mail, usually as spam, so in this case, you have to learn how to send QQ mail to send some really useful. Is to help others solve problems with a mail message, do not send many times, not a one-time mail a lot, at the same time, one is enough. In the forum to mix well, then the first thing you have to do with the main group of maintenance work, not every day to send a link, although this can make group of people know you, but it will also be the main group of T. Want to send outside the chain in the group, in the group forum, generally not the main tube too strict.

9. e-book publicity. A large number of e-books, plus links in e-books, e-books can not be copied, thus reducing that the article is reprinted by others, but the lack of the delete link happens, the copyright information in an e-book can increase your visibility and from the search engine traffic. E-book production should also pay attention to the optimization of e-books, keywords to describe to consider the user experience, e-book content must have.

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