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1: school bus | kindergarten school bus | special school bus Yutong bus. The title has 3 words and 1 words (Yutong), brand three keywords here is a description of the product "bus" so when the layout of the content only need to do the school bus content can be, so even if keywords, ranking is still difficult, because the keywords are described a product. However, if multiple keywords is a description of different products, optimize the difficulty to be much larger…

, the 4 key words


3, a number of products and related

Site Summary: the title of the method appears to be simple, but also a lot of misunderstanding in Shanghai Longfeng novice easy to walk into that key words better, I am working in the past few years has seen a lot of above 2 cases similar website title, most in the optimization are very difficult to get good rankings.

The number of

2, the

finally is the order of the key words, the title keyword is from left to right on the first words on the left side of the layout of the content on the first page of the position…

from the above example we can see that the site title positioning must be clear, we must consider the relationship between the keywords much. If a keyword of a product, suggest less, generally controlled within 3.

example 2: "pull machine, vulcanizing machine, no rotor curing, Mooney viscometer, metal tensile test machine, carton compression testing machine." The site title has 6 words, and contains 4 kinds of different products. Because of the limited resources of home, have no place, so each product should be dispersed resource page. A product is placed in the head of the page must be placed at the bottom of the product, it has greatly increased the difficulty of the ranking optimization.

site title refers to the relevance of the web page title and keywords and how much need to put your product. The website title placed more keywords, then the keywords ranking more difficult, because the more dispersed for the weight of keywords. The title of the website should be how to write

1_ 2_ 3_ (brand word keywords keywords intermediate symbols can be based on personal preference, but must be English status symbol)

This article from the

site title writing:

The order of

first we need to get the number of keywords and product number and correlation are considered together, because the title a few words does not mean that the site has several products. In this multiple words can describe a product, so that we can be the content of the website layout cost control to a minimum, reduce the degree of competition in the key words. The following two examples:

Keywords ?1,

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