Talk about the forum signature settings and post skills

select the high weight forum, such as the Admin5 forum, you want in the renderings show "replies ixwebhosting host speed, there is Chinese customer service", "code as follows: [url=贵族宝贝cn.ixwebhosting贵族宝贝]ixwebhosting host speed, there is Chinese customer service [/url], so you can add links to your text. It can also give the text to be modified, with the color [color=][/color], size [size=][/size]. A general signature byte limit, so you must use the most concise summary of the statements of your links to people gifted with an extraordinary retentive memory feeling.

there are many forums can also add pictures, like this forum, must make good use of, use pictures instead of text more impressive. Individuality signature to attract the eye, with many more popular vocabulary, but also do not use sensitive vocabulary, so that there will be one click access to your website, achieve the purpose of promotion.

In the

forum signature will not like the ads that the effect is obvious, not like the soft as indirect description, operation is also very hemp >

The development of the Internet in the

often reply to those who is top buy stickers, who is basically good, attention is very high, in the post can increase their reputation, increase the transparency of the signature.

then to do is to often go to send the subject placard, reply to your question and help people solve problems. At the forum, the main is to mix a familiar face, the subject placard, the high level, their weight is high, the signature of the flow will bring increased.

forum, can let the promotion effect to achieve the best estimate is your hair poster, but this post is often "L" deleted, the title will be serious. A lot of people in this forum to send advertising post, be deleted, and ran to the other forum hair. This month down, also won’t have what effect. So, why not think of other methods, considering the long-term interests. At this time, with the forum signature function is a good way to visit.

signature is set up, the next is to give others reply, so that others will see your signature signature, even if you do well, you do not give others replies are equal to zero. Replies to grab before the third floor, the high weight of the post in the forums, search engine patronage is often, the spider will often visit your site. So in the forum to grab a good position.

era, many owners are the Internet to copy the red, has become the network expert. I believe that the owners of these are from the smallest place to start. Go to the forum, global blog, these are inevitable. Expert webmaster, you can forget the forum signature and post that something? Today to idle and everyone to remember.

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