Shanghai Dragon the falling maple website in case analysis

the following figure is a few random list page, the percentage is from the GA statistics from the click rate of.

falling maple last month 4 to about 10 days to proceed with a modest revision of the site, made a lot of changes including the page label, mainly for the search engine changes, there is a list page and the article page increased the number of modules, mainly in order to improve the spider collection and users per capita views. Some did not modify the application approved by.



list page


today to effect gradually. To know the station by the novice sister maintenance articles, daily articles do not rule and increase up to 10, the chain expansion is not smooth, while studying released new. Because the site snapshot slow, modified title is gradually updated at the same time, some key words the page in the title began to obtain partial rankings or a little effect with satisfaction, after all didn’t really do it.

list page

flow of the articles next to theThe

from the top three chart is not difficult to see the essence of the article module click rate was much higher than the rate below the plain list click, illustrate the essence of the article module increase better attract eyeballs and produce the click behavior.

Figure four: the



today focus on the website of the per capita views at analysis.

Figure Figure three:

users can see the revision is mainly concentrated in the list page and the article page, the channel page and home page changes are the use of code, a user can see no change. (control, in order to facilitate everyone in this case is 贵族宝贝gxwjyy贵族宝贝/, if the site did not show to search "Guangxi armed police Corps Hospital" ranked first the website is the case website.)

module is a very good effect, but tags and share to appear to have failed to produce a good click behavior

module under

: a cervical erosion list page

and the following is a picture of some of the elements behind the article next to the (before only a and a).

Figure two: vaginitis

per capita views (PV/IP) from a minimum of 1.32 (basically hovering around 1.6 to 2.45 (the best) recently to maintain more than 2.1). The influence of many factors, but some of the following data can be corroborated before the revision greatly increased the PV of the site from which a substantial increase in the per capita views.

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