The analysis of website ranking has not changed how to do

second: website structure.

structure of the website in the website optimization process is very important, good structure, good optimization made great contribution to the ranking play, that is to say the ranking will change because of the structure, many websites long row in a position like this, search your site search engine structure is considered to be unreasonable, or not suitable for search engines to crawl, but the content of your site is very good, the search engine will put you in a position, waiting for you to discover, but also give him a course of analysis, the reason is very small.

this problem occurs frequently, is one of great reasons ranking motionless, sometimes the chain has suddenly increased several times, also are some spam links or single link, it will immediately be search engine notice, he will put you in touch with a position of observation, which is why can not suddenly reduce link reasons, may.

most of the owners are likely to encounter a situation that is ranked no change, every day in that position, we may use a lot of ways, but there is no effect, such a situation we might all be very helpless, many owners encounter this situation will give up, some will continue to persist, but lost enthusiasm more, by ways of cheating, desperate in fact, this problem is very normal, we do not impatient, don’t get disheartened, but in fact the best way is to do as usual, regardless of rank, maybe one day we will find the ranking suddenly good, ha ha, is this actually, but from a hand, this happens in our website or external links exist many problems, I will give you the following analysis.

third: trojan website, or was linked to the link.

: the biggest reason is the first search engine problem.

search engine may change our website feeling somewhat, suspected of cheating, he will be temporarily on your observation, there are generally sensitive keywords, the search engine will intervene, also is the search engine’s own adjustment, or a large area of adjustment, he believes that he will put some good the old domain name website or temporary protection, bring great influence to the adjustment for the browsing, search engines such as the adjustment, many webmaster anyway or ranking the chain, suddenly reduces a lot, and suddenly increased a lot, in fact is the search engine in the large-scale adjustment, but this time my ranking and included, the chain has greatly improved, I always stand ranking in the top two, the chain had suddenly become a few hundred million, included, The long-term adherence and I have a great relationship, there is my old domain name, the reason is also great. There is a newly built website if is ranked no change, then the search engine for the new review period, generally within 3 months must be released, do not worry too much, the more the new month and not in a hurry.


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