Several development directions of Shanghai dragon studio

I made the first and the third errors. When an index of 1000, about 30 million of the list of relevant search page. The most annoying is, as is the network trust of customers, not every studio, remote operation ftp. Customers do not agree with the site for a massive facelift. This list I spent the past 50 days.

first, the traditional Shanghai dragon service

compared with a year ago, the Shanghai dragon industry competition. A lot of low index business words have a dozen or even dozens of sites in the competition. Practitioners of the surge, resulting in Shanghai Longfeng prices plummeted, and the search engine frequently adjust algorithm, a wave of K station and right down trend, let Shanghai dragon Er too much to handle. So, let the traditional small Shanghai dragon studio difficult, or even make ends meet. Make a few K in the envy of others, while they are almost approaching the end, the author thought, thinking follows the development direction of Shanghai dragon studio.

Keywords higher difficulty in

although there is a rich reward, but here I will give you poured a pot of cold water. First, you have the ability to do this; second, if you spend a lot of energy in this list, but the rewards are not equivalent, you should decisively abandon; third, you have the ability to bear the Yellow list, whether the normal operation of the preparation workshop.

3, high difficulty keywords need to do

2, with low difficulty of optimization based

provide services to small and medium-sized enterprises in Shanghai dragon, is the main source of the vast majority of the Shanghai Phoenix studio income at present. The author believes that the Shanghai dragon service is good, but must pay attention to the following points.

I know that a lot of Shanghai dragon studio in order to maintain life, then some optimization list 500 yuan / quarter. I myself have done similar, the customer does not only give 500 yuan and no other requirements. Many customers have to spend the least money, get the most perfect service. If Shanghai Longfeng studio accept a large number of such price list, will soon not make time to do other things. The list price of Shanghai dragon, tired and don’t make money, just Shanghai Longfeng studio or related company through a difficult period of a matter of expediency.

I think, Shanghai dragon service studio, try to pick up some low difficulty of optimization. These sites, usually within 3 months to optimize the relative position of the first to return the funds to second, can stimulate the passion of team effectiveness, third can make time to do other things. In the low difficulty of the list, if the price is right, is available in the event can be calculated. Imagine a small 4 person Shanghai dragon studio, if a quarter have 6 such list, each list of the average price of 3000 yuan, at least to maintain the operation of the studio, on the Internet, life is more important than the development of.

1, to avoid the Commission is too low.

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