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— I really wrote the original manager.

to talk about my own, and I have what reason? Can I be knowledgeable enough is not up to the admission requirements? We know that college admission, in addition to your performance, you will see the files, such as your conduct political personality is not whether correct, positive and healthy. The contrast to the original article above, in addition to the quality of your article, you should consider whether the article contains sensitive words, whether for publication. Although this is rarely the case, but also to love Shanghai collection has certain influence.

said it had to extend it, the article is on the top of the page. In addition to Articles >


most of the original article, not like that everywhere collected slobber there is some writing, reading experience, and we can bring some useful information of the article. Simply speaking, the original article is itself and currently has more than two college entrance examination scores, in the same session of the candidates, will be admitted to the University better. I can not be admitted, drowned in the crowd. Suddenly think of high school politics, everything is the result of internal and external causes, as for how the internal external factors, external factors to internal factors, I have forgot, but it provides us with a method of thinking about the problem. That is, I have not been admitted, is a result of interaction between my self and the external environment.

why my original article was not included in

as a new Shanghai dragon who enter this industry, the impression the thought that send the original article, can be included in the love of Shanghai engine, then the user through the search click into the website to see the details, then site visits can be promoted. Uh… Imagine is excellent, but the manager said that he is actually an article is not found, it is embarrassing.

, a layer of a layer of smooth, then start from the conversation. First of all, I write is original, but the manager to search. This dialogue can be understood as the original writing can be searched in the search engine, is that so? Certainly not ah, why people write the original is not me, but it can be included? I think, not only I have this question, I believe that a lot of Shanghai Dragon Phoenix people like me, are sciolistic. Digital cube small make up in order to help you understand better, so the following experience will take view of anthropomorphic forms, remember the last time the anthropomorphic expression or in "optimization such understanding website knowledge white years?" mentioned in this article, interested friends can go and see.

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