The inside pages disappear and how should we do

these are some of my views, I want to share some dry cargo, but think carefully what dry cargo can share? We have to do is to calm face, enjoy doing network promotion, website optimization fun, I wish you as soon as possible to get rid of the shackles of search engine. The article by Tianchuang industrial network (贵族宝贝 editor released, welcome to reprint.

1. sustainable development: sustainable development is great, applicable to all sectors. Website optimization is a long-term work, the problem is a commonplace talk of an old scholar did not give up and adhere to. In the face of love Shanghai algorithm of frequent adjustment, calm is our only choice. Waiting for the recovery of the rankings at the same time, to look for their own reasons, can refer to a careful analysis of the site optimization guide, adjust the adverse factors ranking. Adhere to the original construction and the chain, no matter what the content and the chain is a very important factor in ranking reference. We just need to do the daily work, firmly believe that the website is not cheating, the inside pages disappear a stumbling block to a higher direction only website only, it out we will greet a broader tomorrow.

2. looking for their own industry promotion means: in recent years, micro-blog, WeChat and other means through the example of a few million profit, no matter what we can learn many things. The flow is not necessarily obtained by means of optimization, the inside pages of the ranking is very good warning disappear. The upstream flow is not in our hands, once was the processing algorithm of adjustment, will let us taste the pain fell from heaven to hell. Therefore, to develop more means of promotion, in order to strive for the promotion will flow and enhance brand awareness. Promotion of email marketing, blog, forums and other traditional although the effect is not as good as before, but as long as the long-term will still release its energy. The new WeChat, micro-blog, APP and other means of promotion, but also in the company as early as possible before the layout. For the flow in their own hands to grasp, change from passive to active.

recent love Shanghai adjustment affected all owners of the heart, from the beginning of this year, Shanghai love the adjustment against the chain, emerge in an endless stream, including green algorithm, pomegranate algorithm and spark program and let the webmaster of torture. But after August the love of Shanghai data is not stable, the specific performance is not stable in site data, like bungee jumping as fluctuated. Snapshot, snapshot of many websites even back a few years ago. Is the most important page ranking disappear, and disappear without warning. These problems including myself, how to deal with the owners complain incessantly, the inside pages disappear into our common topic. So the inside pages disappear and how should we do

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