Wikipedia entries recommended your entry one day in front of the exposure to millions of users

in addition to the love of Shanghai products, the following two recommended column such as, other people also search related sites. In fact, other people still search all know this is the love of the Shanghai station machine is not recommended, users search out, and we need to do to make our own entry to our entry in the recommended bar on the right side of the inside search on the Internet users in any keywords.

we do is to give their own entry add the chain, also is in the search keywords inside the Wikipedia entry insertion connection. In order to achieve the user search keywords in the recommended bar will appear your entry. The second step of the love Shanghai encyclopedia, 360 encyclopedia, Sogou encyclopedia, Wikipedia, Interactive Encyclopedia encyclopedia into each link, in order to achieve the recommended action, how to insert the webmaster is veteran, Shanghai dragon why cases is not to say, is in the entry inside the insert or other low insertion place.

said a Wikipedia entry is the first time the webmaster think love Shanghai Wikipedia entries, the webmaster in Shanghai love Wikipedia entry placement experience, it is because of love Shanghai Wikipedia entry lead a person to endless aftertastes, more and more strict entry placement of webmasters have been cleaned up, it is very big for owners of lost traffic for the root, is the webmaster webmaster flow, now He Kuzong came to share with the webmaster, how to make Wikipedia entry within a day of exposure in front of millions of users. The best is to optimize the Wikipedia entry, the webmaster is that no Wikipedia entries can be optimized to the first page ranking. This is indeed the case, but want to let so the encyclopedia articles are natural ranking on the home page no effort, it is impossible, but my goal is not to rank page even, but can let Wikipedia and search inside is recommended to the relevant inside, as shown in figure

customers to shed some light on my

encyclopedia entry clean


encyclopedia entries optimization of the three skills of

The first

this time I was in the Encyclopedia of QQ group orders, many customers reflect how my ranking Wikipedia entry to the home page? Customers more directly asked to, how can I make my entry in Shanghai love search bar on the right side of the relevant there? I can not solve the problem for the customer.

The third step is to add inline

articles from the original, reproduced please respect the author of the fruits of labor please famous, thanks to

Why were


when editing other Internet encyclopedia entries, to enter a name for himself in the encyclopedia entries, and inline to his Wikipedia entry, the more inline are recommended in the more relevant. The entries in the chain of authority website issued more entries recommended hungry more times a day exposure million is not a problem, so as to achieve the purpose of the webmaster. If wrong please understand.

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