Xiao Han To sum up the website ranking drop the ten most common situations

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second, website error changes

first, the server is not stable

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fourth, its website optimization over

competition at any time, so the website ranking, without any problems, do a reasonable job every day. But it is likely that your competitors in terms of optimization than myself, (but the keywords ranking decline is very small) other keywords in the rankings and more than us, our natural ranking will fall. In order to keep the rankings, the optimization of every day maintenance work must be in place. Otherwise we might not be back, but others in advance.

website ranking drop is always a pain webmaster heart, for small and medium-sized webmaster, from search engine traffic accounted for the vast majority of. Keywords ranking determines from the search engine to much traffic. So none of us want to go hard to do keywords ranking drop. Also in the actual work to avoid such a situation, the following summary ten can lead to the most common cause of keywords ranking drop.

third competitors to catch up with

optimization excessive is refers to do Shanghai Longfeng do too obvious, let the search engine think your station is a garbage sites, think you cheat, you are to do stand and do stand, stand to do is search engine, not for your visitors see. This site users naturally do not love, do not love the search engine users will love, so this kind of site is search engine hate site is down the right of the object and K

fifth, website content leads to

this is a common search engine for the server, the stability requirements are very high, especially the love of Shanghai search. If in the spider crawling, the server is often a problem, then the site is likely to be right down, keywords ranking drop also can hardly be avoided. So, the website must choose stable server. This is the most basic, we should pay attention to, don’t let these reasons lead to keywords ranking drop.

site is not in love often webmaster rankings when they think is the title or keyword setting problem (mainly in the novice) then modified, often leads to no weight site also began to be down the right, this is often some things, according to my experience, the weight of the site is mainly to change the Title look at the site, if your site has better weight, need to optimize more keywords, this is not what the problem is slightly modified, if it is to optimize the key completely different, so the right down is inevitable, but also change the title is best not to change your main keyword text, make sure the main keywords are not needed. I like the Dongguan Shanghai dragon title, no matter how I changed, I won’t abandon the key word of Dongguan Shanghai dragon.

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