Webmaster website Shanghai dragon should give up the chain behavior


sites are now not to send outside the chain link, free website is less and less. We know that the effect is not easy to do the best, as well as for the chain, and the original submission, to spend money to do the news source, buy links believe is the chain resources quality.

chain is always a web site operator heart pain, more and more platforms are not free to release the chain, more and more websites are banned in the chain. The guardian, Queensland found outside the chain of many webmaster forum some friends in the discussion on how to send the high quality of the chain? Is

at the end of last year the guardian Yuan Kun wrote an article: whether a site link should put the original article, I believe that many of my friends have seen this article. In today’s Internet, we publish links or original articles plus a copyright link or are in order to better to spread out. But for most of the link, have a desire to allow users to click on a link, if the user needs to know more about


for any website, whether it is from the perspective of Shanghai dragon view or from the angle of promoting, in order to increase the exposure rate, so the chain is a kind of inevitable. Of course, for most people, do not know why they want to send the chain, so I also send others in. We should know oneself is to Shanghai dragon, or for the promotion of products, or in order to increase brand awareness, different purposes naturally have different ways.


saw an article today in the A5 Adsense online, at the beginning of the article talked about the problem of the chain, the chain is coming to an end, outside the chain of tools or history. For the news came out, immediately saw many webmaster is relieved, no longer have to send the chain. If you really think so, then the guard Yuan Kun only smiled.

sites are not add anchor text links, which leads us directly to release of the link is also unable to click, also need to search or copy to enter their target page, so why not go to the user with his fill > brand?

why love Shanghai Webmaster Platform will have such news, in fact, love is not to say that Shanghai is not outside the chain, the chain factors had little effect on the website optimization. We know that the relevant industry workers on the chain to support Shanghai dragon behavior, the number of new sites that Shanghai dragon is to update the content, the hair of the chain. Weaken the chain to Shanghai dragon is better to let the webmaster friends do their content, do their own user experience. Just as some time ago no longer show love Shanghai time snapshot.

When the The Many

4.28 A5 webmaster invited to participate in the love of Shanghai Webmaster Platform VIP forum guests, harvest is also ushered in an explosive news: the chain is coming to an end, outside the chain of tools or history.

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