Google algorithm uncertain how to deal with the Google drop right punishment


1, noble baby site: domain name, if you can not find the home page, right down the possibility of more than 80%


to see such a strange phenomenon plus Google ranking algorithm to improve the rumors, so Lenovo to the rank page website is replaced by Google drop right or the sandbox. Carefully recall optimization steps about the author, that may be the largest "Google bomb" (keyword anchor text is too simple and too much in a short time, the chain increased too fast) caused, therefore the analysis of some Google drop right punishment phenomenon and the site is Google drop right after the performance.

4, the website weight was very low, sometimes write an article, very special title, was included after the direct search even the title of the article, also not in the first row, by other websites, even no ranking. Search site name (I am referring to the name of the site, and not those with the keyword Title) sometimes not in the front row, but with your update, it could improve


noble baby drop right punishment has become a very hot topic in the current industry, often dropped in each big forum to see some Adsense complaints – certain website…… Especially for some foreign trade English Shanghai Longfeng optimization people, Google drop right has offended Moguai. As everyone knows, the noble baby has recently been perfect the new algorithm, even for a long time no movement of PR are jointly updated many times, at many sites inevitably appear such as noble baby Ranking Ranking is decreased or banned or not within the page ranking phenomenon suddenly.

noble baby drop right punishment phenomenon:

2, if you name the main part (such as the subject of maer1001贵族宝贝 is maer1001), when the search in the noble baby, if your site is not in the home, so the probability is right to be reduced 90%;


3 ranking, website suddenly disappeared, even if the search site name can not be found in your website pages. In time, all the possible sites by the key word rankings are fixed to a certain extent, may be fifth pages later, it might be tenth pages later. Even if you can’t optimize, cannot find Goolge site any page in this position before.


through a period of observation, the author also found that Google has more and more elusive. The cause is the original several page ranking website home page ranking page ranking disappeared and were replaced, the decline in ranking. The most surprising is that I have a "SMT patch" website, initially only the internal optimization and publish articles (less than 10), any chain is not released, but Google was ranked in the home, love Shanghai ranked no audio; and many of the website released although many outside the chain, ranking even do not drop or.

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