A month 15 day love Shanghai main keywords ranking scheme

website started without weight, love Shanghai could not give high weight, so if you start to optimize the relatively high degree of difficulty of the word, what changes this website basically not.

first 1. Title collocation scheme, key words Web page is best of 3 to 5 is the best analysis of the keywords competition, through the love of the Shanghai index, and the site title screen.

note: this figure is the main reaction keywords, trademark registration, trademark registration, trademark search, online trademark registration, trademark trademark online inquiries, online registration,


three tags can be written according to the small size of the arrangement of such small (small: the optimization difficulty is relatively low, in a certain degree of difficulty, a relatively high degree of difficulty:

site title keywords identified, three tag syntax (title tags, Keywords tag, description tag) techniques, website three labels with the weight of the website,

note: this website and the reaction site snapshot in major search engines, chain number, external links, internal links number

navigation Figure 1.

keyword density, and love Shanghai index and keywords ranking in Shanghai.

a description: the main keywords and long tail keywords ranking

2. is a key link station, station directional anchor text, I first optimize the most simple online trademark registration of the word at the beginning, I put the source of each article for trademark registration online network

site optimization scheme: collocation scheme 1. Title 2. keywords layout 3. link station building 4. source 5. to determine the preferred domain URL standard

Figure three

and the current stage of the optimization of the word fine-tuning

)The new


The Figure

I started as a registered trademark of this online network optimization keywords (construction method of station link optimization will explain)

this keyword soon.

For example: Figure two

and point to the site’s home page.

Sites like


6, nofollow 7, the label position navigation (breadcrumb navigation station) 8, directional anchor text 9, 10, 404 pages


will let you lose confidence in Shanghai dragon. My site is the beginning of the way to optimize the.

first look at several picture


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