How to carry out site URL path optimization

directory and website URL path, when necessary by the implementation of more reasonable optimization path all the article page in a directory on the way, so webmaster convenient management, convenient to search engines crawl (short path), for users with good visual effect, like the Shanghai encyclopedia as all the columns in the paper are placed in the most chapter directory view inside.

website URL path optimization matters

try to avoid the wrong path, URL path can not access the site, this path is not friendly to the search engine.


URL path selection points, path as short as possible, the shorter the better; for the dynamic path parameter less; path should be unified, the site do not appear dynamic and static path path is search engine crawling phenomenon.

search engine optimization is about execution, do needlework (detail), the station optimization in the environment, site URL path optimization is a reasonable path of needlework, URL search engine to successfully climb from the website, and search engine will be eliminated, the author thinks that the reasonable optimization it is imperative for web URL path.

absolute and relative path, the absolute path simply reflects the true path, and the relative path reflects the relationship between the path, because the relative path expression in the search engine, the author suggests that as far as possible with the relative path.

dynamic and static path, the search engine technology has been relatively mature, but the author thinks that the search engine friendliness is relatively high on the static path, recommend the use of static path, when necessary, can rewrite path, pseudo static. Under special circumstances, or you can use the dynamic path (because some space does not support pseudo static).

page, here is reflected in the search engine to repeat the same path, namely the contents of the article are different search engines.

What is the path to the

website URL path set

site URL

site URL path refers to the effective convergence of the link between the website, to achieve the cohesion between pages and jump. The website URL path can be divided into: the absolute path and the relative path can be divided into static and dynamic path path.

To avoid duplication of

URL a reasonable path for writing, I recommended spelling, Pinyin abbreviation, English (the three will be based on whether you do foreign trade, whether to do the brand, the character in the URL path decision) recommended in line, to avoid the use of Chinese path, the author thinks that the search engine of Chinese path is still in the testing phase.

URL path and indexed pages, all know that small and medium sites in more than three layers of the page will not be included in the search engine, we can set the corresponding page with high weight or low level page directly connected, such as the home page and column.

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