On the website of Shanghai dragon how to write the original article

there is love for Shanghai library is more effective than love Shanghai search results, some row of appearance in the pages of the website of Shanghai love gorgeous, devoid of content, almost impossible to find useful information, may be the macro point of view is biased, because I often write some information in this article, find some related websites for a long time, are very disappointed, what almost no decent articles, especially clothing shoes website, most of them are pictures with a obscure words, confusing, beautiful pictures from a visual point of view is to attract people eyeball, with users of the immunity gradually increased, this way from the user experience point of view is not some outdated

what is the user need most articles? I want to learn the software engineer training course now, may I first think of the Beijing Beida Jade Bird, so I want to learn more about the Beijing Beida Jade Bird, if you have a website article has a very detailed introduction to the Beijing Beida Jade Bird, similar to love Shanghai because of love with this encyclopedia, Encyclopedia of Shanghai to our knowledge is more useful. So this article is useful.


website content is the Shanghai dragon friend most headaches, as Shanghai dragon how to write good web site original articles? I do with some views on the original article here and everyone together to discuss. In Shanghai dragon website optimization, most of the original article is to improve and update the collection of love in Shanghai. Love Shanghai search engine spiders and intelligent but is a machine, write an article, as long as you write, no copy, 500-1000 words, it is easy to be included in the love of Shanghai, see many webmaster asked people to write the original article, general requirements are not too high, one is the original, two is not beside the point, don’t lose weight the breast enhancement can be written.

many webmaster website content is included to update and update, as long as the article is written in their own, not copy, as long as the search engine is not included in the original article, also some friends Shanghai dragon looking for someone to write original articles, but the requirements are not high, just don’t digress on the line, let you write an article about Beijing prize.the school paper, as long as you don’t write network engineer training,

to the search engine is very easy, but to let the user see the satisfaction is very.

some webmaster friends just to update the content in the search engines and write, and do not take into account the user’s experience, and write, there is some wide of the mark, some put all sorts of things together, is purely the title of the party, I think it will affect the long-term development of the site, even if you now get good rankings, so but the search engine ranking algorithm to adjust, you will definitely fall, if want to site long-term development, or a good user experience, only the user experience is good, no matter how change in the search engine algorithm, the website ranking will not be reduced, the search engine for people to obtain information and services, users believe that good the website, search engines can certainly think well.

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