A new source of the website chain how to let the chain live longer

usually we have 2, hyperlinks and text links. Part of the recruitment website or can leave hyperlinks, such as chinahr贵族宝贝, qianchengwuyou, most of the recruitment website can leave pure text links. But we can still put pure text links to the extreme.

when the chain we have released no echo on Internet sites, we should not need the chain platform some live longer? We have the chain of survival chain platform – long recruitment website (paid recruitment website).

or long"

if your company or enterprise recruitment, try it this way. Comparison of classified information, the forum to release information website. The chain pay recruitment website is more stable. This paper consists of: Crane _贵族宝贝>


recruitment websites can be divided into two categories: pay and do not pay, do not pay refers to what does not need to spend money without certification can publish information on the website, for example, Ganji, people network, net list. With the passage of time, the information sink, the chain survived? This is a question we should. Each site of the data resources are limited, some small sites before the information deleted, outside the chain of large website survival rate higher. In addition, with the love of Shanghai foreign chain specification upgrade, love Shanghai regularly deal with some of its search engine that chain quality is not high. For more information, we recommend you read "released external links to

1, the chain

2, the page is included The chain

when the first and second conditions are met, in a sense, the chain is the real site outside the chain, then the recruitment website will over time like other types of classified information website as no echo? The answer is no, why? Because we are paying members, some large the recruitment website every day more for the content of the page.

4, search engines or reproduced

when we release information in some recruitment information website, this information is likely to be other recruitment websites reproduced, such as digital network of excellence. Digital network of excellence is a more prominent recruitment website. The page long grab some large-scale recruitment website will. Now a lot of recruitment information under the sea with one hundred primary talent network are also come from the Internet grab.

At present,

3, for a higher frequency of

had large sites on their site settings, stop the search engine on the web page. But now these large sites began to reform the rules. To make the search engine grab and included page. But some recruitment website included and not very friendly. We need to take the time to finish.

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