Google and love sea were declared the priority included HTTPS website


The popularity of

but also enjoy preferential conditions, for example:

Cleartext mode of information



in addition, there is a detail problem, I do not know because the HTTPS in the domestic popularity rate is low or love do not pay enough attention to the HTTPS in Shanghai, and Shanghai also love noble baby search keywords [Shanghai dragon] optimization, noble baby search results ranking page 10, 4 for the HTTPS page in the commercial advertisement there are 3, including 2 for the HTTPS page, because most readers may not be able to open the nobility baby smoothly, this figure for the reader to verify:

2.HTTPS page is not in any way pointing to unsafe HTTP pages;


noble baby search official announced last year will be on the use of the HTTPS protocol priority included website. If we in the web page URL is HTTP, spider will attempt to access the corresponding noble baby HTTPS page, if HTTPS pages can normally access, noble baby spider HTTPS protocol will give priority to the index page, and displayed in the search results.

4. there is no external links to HTTP URL;

5. requires a valid SSL certificate.

will fall in love with the sea and the noble baby priority included the HTTPS website, but still often have the same page HTTP and HTTPS address are included, in order to avoid duplicate content issues, the author suggests active HTTP page 301 will be redirected to the HTTPS page or HSTS HTTP (mandatory safety transmission technology), forcing the browser using HTTPS and web connection.

is most commonly used in the website using the HTTP protocol, information eavesdropping, tampering and malicious hijacking of the risk in the process of transmission, HTTPS is a network security protocol in the process of information transmission, HTTPS uses hypertext transfer protocol to realize the communication of information, the packet is encrypted using SSL and TLS. TLS/SSL is a secure authentication, encryption and message integrity check function, so it can avoid the safety problems caused by the HTTP protocol.

HTTPS is sooner or later, love Shanghai Webmaster Platform announced last year, expressly for the use of HTTPS website will give priority to treat, in the rankings, reads as follows:

1. site must not contain unsafe content (the website was hacked, Trojan or other suspicious pages);

3. cannot use the robotsnoindex tag;

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