Create long tail sword seckill site traffic

3, the long tail word article page factors: title is for title page after the "word" technology rating search engine lists the search results page, and the most ideal Chinese segmentation form is perfectly matched, the weight of any search engine page title is very high, if the long tail word appears in the title and match exactly. Then the search engine to give the weights is very high.

is necessary to complete a task for a qualified Shanghai dragon Er website target keywords ranking, but when the target keywords on the search engine home page, the next step may make them worry, Shanghai dragon will do what work, what is the next task? If you want to become a the real name of Shanghai dragon er, the website maintenance must be understood, one of the most important job is to stabilize the long tail word ranking in the website maintenance tasks, and to achieve the expansion of new long tail word ranking, to further improve site traffic. I join Shanghai dragon soon, through their own practical experience and a lot of Shanghai dragon master for examples to explain the long tail word ranking factors. I have summed up several important factors to share (the following factors are to do with the long tail word form).

4, the long tail word density throughout the article page: the article page long tail word appropriate density is indeed conducive to the long tail word on the page ranking, but the author does not encourage you to stack the keyword (do the user experience and the said engine is not friendly).

(the Title page love Shanghai search engine optimization guidelines given in 2 recommended wording)



(legend: "Ningbo do doubleeyelid where good results page exactly match the partial match between

2, long tail words appeared in the "important HTML Tags: for example, < a, > < B > tags, these tags appear in the long tail word is not only to remind the user of the theme of the article, but also to remind the spider must pay attention to these words".

The quality of


1, the long tail word of the article: the article original degree. The article if there is high weight website, even if you are the first site, however this is high weight site reproduced so the quality is equivalent to the pseudo original, even collection. So the website website or the article page directory for the weight of the long tail word ranking influence greatly.

5, "a word" around the long tail word page ranking greatly: the golden rule for any Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon ranking operation are of great help, as for what is the word around, do not know how to tell me your own learning. The other school skills: in the long tail word first appeared when whether the words in bold, site 250 characters. >

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