A few guess Ali did search

search engine is still the biggest Internet traffic entrance, although the market is in a complete mess up.

we look at Ali, Taobao and Tmall Ali in 2012 eleven during the double record single day sales of 19 billion miracle, and in November last year has been completed ahead of the sales target trillion. But it also reflects some degree from Taobao is likely to have reached its heyday, the fear of the future is difficult to have a breakthrough.

Ali recently launched Ali cloud search engine, which is the Alibaba following Ma announced another major event after leaving office. So, for this is the network Public opinions are divergent. Then the Alibaba of the shot, what purpose? You may wish in this confusion of voices from the heart of all doubts, listen to Song Congming in a few words.

Ali has been thriving in the field of electronic business, don’t look now to the domestic electricity business is done very hot but really make money also only this one. So in the electricity industry also has been based on benchmark image appears, but is such a benchmark company now involved in the search. Song Congming is very likely to come, the following two reasons: one is the development of Ali has touched the ceiling, traffic is growing more and more difficult, so I hope that through master search engine which is an important traffic entrance.

and the second reason is the big data era, Ali hopes to use search engines to more fully understand the Internet search behavior and shopping habits, demand and so on, in order to conform to the needs of users can timely. Next, let us explain in detail:

is a business area is a invincible overlord, has long been cluttered with the search market. Now the overlord was trying to launch new search engine to stir this muddy waters. What is to be defeated, everything is still unknown. However, this can not stop our further conjecture.

and China there is an old saying: peace. Obviously, Ma is aware of this, the major adjustment from Ali repeatedly is not difficult for us to see it. Ali now in the online shopping users has become a mature brand business, but on the Internet users, there is still great online shopping market has not yet developed, and how to make these users understand and use Taobao (Tmall) is a great problem.


although the domestic electricity business environment is maturing, and Ali and owned by Taobao, Tmall and other Internet companies have become an important field of online shopping brands. But most of the overall business environment, the number of online shopping in China reached 193 million, and the number of domestic Internet is already more than five hundred million. From which we can easily see that the number of domestic online shopping has not yet reached half the number of Internet, that is to say the domestic electricity supplier development still has a large space. But with the popularity of the Internet in China, the number of Internet users will be more and the space will be greater.

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